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How We Communicate With You

Our preferred method of communicating with you is electronically by email. Corresponding in this manner helps us provide better and faster service. We will not use your email or other contact information for any purpose other than to communicate with you about your claim(s). We will not sell or otherwise share your contact information for any other purpose.

With regard to my claim(s), whenever possible in order to expedite my claim(s), I (we) wish to receive communications and documents, including electronic delivery of any benefit payment(s) due by check, electronically to my (our) e-mail address(es), rather than by regular postal service. I (we) understand that payment by electronic check is not a funds transfer or automatic deposit, so I (we) will not need to provide personal banking information. I (we) agree that Trip Mate may provide me (us) with communications in electronic format, and Trip Mate is not required to send paper communications to me (us), unless and until I (we) withdraw this consent. I (we) also agree it is my (our) responsibility to provide Trip Mate with true, accurate and complete e-mail address(es), contact, and other information related to my (our) claim(s), and to maintain and promptly update any changes in this information.

NOTE: If you are not receiving our email communications, please check your bulk or junk email folder in the event they are being blocked by your email provider.

I do not wish to be contacted electronically by email and do not mind the delays associated with regular postal service and prefer to receive all communications in paper copy form to my (our) mailing address(es) listed.